Vinly Record Design by Suzy Chan

        This an assignment.We were given the Avant Garde typeface and post punk music and required to design a vinly record. I found a key word 'KICK' as the applied scenario of the post punk music, which is for dancing in the basement clubs in the 70s to 80s UK. People wore leather shoes in order to keep kicking the oor. Moreover, post punk is popular in 70s to 80s, teenagers from that time are now 40 to 50 years’ old. erefore, my positioning was luxury pos punk music package.
I laser cut the font on perspex and sealed it in a space created by two pieces of transparent perspex. e playlist was attached to the edge face of sides with vinly sticker. When you shake the box of record, the perspex fonts will "kick" each other.


Suzy Chan- London,UK& Macau, China