“Sweet things are a recurring motif; but as with anything sugary, after the initial saccharine hit, something less cheerful follows. If we follow that metaphor, the tooth decay or energy crash that’s subtly imbued in Chan’s work comes out in the issues it confronts. For all its apparent playfulness, her projects all carry an underlying political or social message. There are multiple layers at play, giving her work an element that’s not only eye-catching and instantly engaging, but thoroughly thought-provoking as well.”

-Emily Gosling, Senior editor, Eye on design

“Despite the fact that Suzy Chan is still a student at UAL’s London College of Communication, she has already created an enviable body of work that many experienced graphic designers will be most impressed with. As a designer whose crafted her portfolio around social affairs with a strong impetus on critical thinking, Suzy’s work so far boasts a variety of skill, technical ability and artistry that seems far beyond her years.”

-Jyni Ong, Staff writer, It’s nice that 

Photograph: Nian Xu


E-mail: suzychannn@gmail.com
Phone: +44 7460240058
Instagram: @suzychannn
Website: suzychan.com


Sep 2014-Jun 2016
Gangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, China
Bachelor in Visual Communication Department
Drop out from second year (GPA 4.0)

Sep 2016- Jun 2019
University of the Arts London, London College of Communication(L.C.C), UK
Bachelor in Graphic and Media Design 

🌟First Class Honours

Sep 2019
Royal Collage of Art, UK
Master offer in Experimental Communication
Defer it for a year, not entry.


Its nice that-2020

Suzy Chan left London’s academic design bubble to return to China to “do something and talk to people”

The Design Kids-2020

"The best part is that I have met very good teams in many projects, whether it is China or the UK or Europe"

Its nice that-The Graduates Award 2019

Suzy Chan’s portfolio boasts original graphic design, animation, typography and so much more

Eye on design-AIGA
The Haribo Cult, Advertising as Religion + Why Design Is About Much More Than Selling Stuff

Creative Review-Gradwatch 2019
Graphic designer Suzy Chan, London College of Communication

Its nice that-2019

Protests, cute culture and the UK’s fruit market: Suzy Chan on her innovative design practice

Design 360°



Graduation Interview | 专访伦敦传媒学院平面与媒体设计本科专业毕业生陈绮雯 Suzy Chan

University of The Arts London, London College of Communication Salon XIX-

Gaphic and Media Degree Show- Suzy Chan


June 2019 - Now
Own Studio- China

Oct 2018
Dutch Design Week- Eindhoven, Netherlands
Special Journalist

Content: Contacting graphic designer for interviews, establish collaborations with designers for ZP, editing and publishing interview articles, collecting readers’ feedbacks. Including Hansje Van Halem, and 5 identity designers in DDW 2018

28 Sep- 6 Oct 2018
Weltformat Graphic Design Festical- Lucern, Switzerland
Special Journalist

Content: Documenting the whole festival, Contacting graphic designer for interviews, establish collaborations with designers for ZP, editing and publishing interview articles, collecting readers’ feedbacks. Including Erich Brechbühl, The Rodina, Josh Schaub

Feb 2017- Aug 2017
Underground (Fashion Brand)- UK, London

Graphic Designer Intern
Content: Fashion pattern design, editorial design, lookbook desing

Personal Statement

Suzy Chan is a graphic designer who base in London now (untill June 2019) and come from Macau, China. She considered graphic design as a public platform, not only for utilitarian communication, but also for authorship, and self-expression. After a disagreement with the education in GAFA China, After two years study, she quits. In 2016 she went to UAL, LCC. She found herself facing the strange concept of a vast space and the new language of learning. is collection records part of her big changes over the past three years.

For the media, Her previous focus on print-based design, She is currently expanding her research on digital-based learning. Also, the background of life gives her different insights into many social phenomena and issues.

While the society is ascending, people have desire to participate. When the society is affluent, all you want is just living, and you don’t even want to speak for or claim for anything anymore. As what is in my mind, graphic design is the only ability I’m skilled with. I need to use it as my tool to respond to this world after enduring people's ridicule of me, such as the saying that it is my silly to be so serious and sincere about everything. Idealism or optimism will never be replaced by cynicism.

With less interests in neat, fancy, but boring and empty designs, I respect those things in our lives that are messy, seemingly low-level, but full of complexity and deep meanings. I want to be a calm madman. I need an expression space that offers enough freedom for myself. With my great enthusiasm for the profession and stronger abilities, I know I have to keep going. To walk with steady stops, I believe that clarity is the most basic prerequisite. Whether this clarity points to the correct/error, time will tell. My goal is to become a part of the "hammer" who can shape society.

Thanks for those who helped me and inspired me in my design process

Photography support: Nian Xu
Animation support: Anqi He
Processing support: Zheyuan Chen
Special Thanks: Lu li