Adjustable Typeface 
by Suzy Chan

        This is an adjustable typeface (both in length and width). This design was inspired by a protest in London Chinatown Last summer. I found that the layout on the protest board couldn’t accurately express how angry they were.

So i made this typeface which can be used directly on posters and campaigns to make a strong voice. Adjustability makes it very easy to apply to any proportion.

可調節字體 by Suzy Chan

            這是一種可調節的字體(長度和寬度)。設計靈感來自於去年夏天在倫敦唐人街抗議。 我發現抗議板上的文字無法準確地表達他們是多么生氣。
相近的粗細比例使它的聲音很強。 可調節性使其非常容易適用於任何抗議板的比例。