Motoguo Paris& Shanghai Fashion Week Showroom A/W23 by Suzy Chan

This is the Visuals for Malaysian brand @motoguo AW23 Paris Fashion Week and Shanghai Fashion Week🌼

Malaysia is a multicultural country. They speak multiple languages (Malay, English, Chinese and Hindi) and have three major races (Malays, Chinese and Indians).

Motoguo is famous for its nostalgic design. In this season, they decided to make a mellow and sleepy collection——The Art of Letting Go. The inspiration comes from the fact that the founders of Motoguo @guomoto @a_kinder_a_day never had a good sleep after founding the brand😴 It made them very nostalgic for their childhood, even when they had narcolepsy and used to leaked urine💧(you can see some drops and pacifiers in the posters and on the products) and dream a lot.

In Asian cultures, especially Chinese culture, people believe that things in dreams often foretell a certain direction in future life. For example, one of the interpretations of dreaming about snakes🐍is that you will get rich soon💰Dreams are often associated with superstition; after waking from a dream, some people will seek Master Zhou to interpret their dreams. It’s called 周公解夢

The multicultural background always leads us to have too many stories to tell. I feel the same way with motoguo, so I decided to help them directly express this mixed feeling through visuals. I mixed all the metaphors from this collection visually.

Motoguo A/W23巴黎&上海時裝周Showroom海報 by Suzy Chan

這是馬來西亞品牌@motoguo AW23巴黎時裝周和上海時裝週的視覺效果🌼

馬來西亞是一個多元文化的國家。 他們使用多種語言(馬來語、英語、中文和印度語),並擁有三大種族(馬來人、華人和印度人)。

Motoguo 以其懷舊設計而聞名。 這一季,他們決定打造一個醇厚而沉睡的系列——The Art of Letting Go. 靈感來自於Motoguo的創始人moto和kinder在創立品牌後從未睡過好覺😴這讓他們非常懷念自己的童年,當時睡覺甚至會漏尿💧並且常常做很多夢

在亞洲文化中,尤其是中國文化,人們相信夢中的事物往往預示著未來生活的某個方向。 例如,夢見蛇🐍的解釋之一是你很快就會發財💰 夢往往與迷信聯繫在一起; 有些人夢醒後會找周公解夢。

多元的文化背景總是讓我們有太多的故事要講,這點上我和motoguo有同樣的感覺。所以我決定幫助他們通過視覺直接表達這種複雜的感覺。 我在視覺上混合了這個集合中的所有隱喻。