Mutant fruit advert by Suzy Chan

Most of the fruits I can buy in the UK are very small and super dry. Sometimes, I can see weirdly big red strawberries with no taste at all. In most cases, the supermarket would re-model and select the fruit. They do sell varied products in a standard which they think many of us would expect. That is what they call “perfect fruit”. According to my research, most fruits in the UK are cultivated in the greenhouse and are usually grown in offseason. However, they are usually named "fresh XX” or something. Therefore, I think I can display this widespread phenomenon in an extreme tone to express my irony of this kind of artificial transformation of natural growth. So I decided to “hack into” this phenomenon with an existing design language style, using words and images to embed a third meaning in the content.

Inspired by a supermarket advert style I saw at Osaka Japan, I created an advert for supermarket’s ‘admitted’ manner to sell some mutant fruits with the cheap, chaotic and noisy tone, so as to satirise or mock the current criteria for “perfect fruits”. Then I came up with some boring names for these fruits, such as ‘lazy’ banana to make it fun. Additionally, I enlarged some of the mutated fruits (such as the deformed pear and the dyed dragon fruit) to catch customer’s eyes. As an advert. the final work be hung in a supermarket with a curtain format to form a part of sarcasm.

變異水果廣告 by Suzy Chan