Nobody asked me by Suzy Chan

            On the March 23rd, more than 1 million people walked on the street for antibreix in London. The possibility of Brexit in the UK will make them lose their economic advantage in a short period of time. The international companies may lead to a decline in employment. In order to maintain financial income, the British government is gradually “relaxing” its study visa policy. On March 16, the British government issued a "Plans to boost international student numbers and income" that caught my attention.
As an international student who has been studying in the UK for 3 years, I have mixed feelings about studying in the UK. On the one hand, the British government claims that they welcome international students all over the world, but on the other hand, after international students graduate (if you do not have a UK work permit), you must leave within 4 months. Some people have summarized the British study policy as: You just pay and go.

As a “marginal person” in London, the internetional student group is unable to participate in political discussions in the UK, but is responsible for the economy after their departure from Europe: high tuition fees (increased each year) and minimal work possibilities.

The UK government has promised to extend the four-month poststudy period to six months. In my opinion, this is a bit perfunctory. And they seem to find "sufficient" reasons to attract more international students, by their "preferential work visa policy" and "enviable education system."

So I made this poster, inspired by a little girl during the parade, she is not 18 years old and has no voting rights. Similarly, international students have to take responsibility for the Brexit, and "noboby asked me"as well.

沒有人問過我 by Suzy Chan

在3月23日,超過100萬人在倫敦街頭抗議抗議活動。英國退歐的可能性將使他們在短時間內失去經濟優勢。國際公司可能會導致就業率下降。為了維持財政收入,英國政府正在逐步“放寬”其學習簽證政策。 3月16日,英國政府發布了“提高國際學生人數和收入的計劃”引起了我的注意。
作為一名在英國學習3年的國際學生,我對在英國學習感到復雜。在 一方面,英國政府聲稱他們歡迎世界各地的國際學生,但另一方面,在國際學生畢業後(如果你沒有英國工作許可證),你必須在4個月內離開。有些人將英國的學習政策概括為:你只需付錢然後走人。