What is beauty?  by Suzy Chan

The Kunsthall Stavanger Museum in Norway invited me to design visual poster for their workshop. Mobilizing Citizenship is for future adults 12-16, and the main intention of the program is that young adults are giving the opportunity to use artistic strategies to speak up and out. For the fall semester they are work with visual norms, why some thing looks the way it does, and how we can change perceptions of beauty, both in ourselves and perhaps even in others.

I think that it is more important to show the diversity of beauty to the child than to tell the child what is beautiful. Because beauty and ugliness will change with the development of society, as a guide, we only need to show children the diversity of virtues, let them choose the direction they think of beauty to develop. Form the ability to think and judge independently and analyze. It means that I need to "display the diversity of beauty" to the child.

什麼是美? by Suzy Chan

位於挪威的Kunsthall Stavanger美術館邀請我為他們每年4次的工作坊設計視覺海報。